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Be back soon!

I’m currently hard at work at my day job. That is, writing about and reviewing movies for a living, so I’ve put my book reviews on hold. Rest assured, once … Continue reading

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Review: The Spook’s Destiny (Wardstone Chronicles Book 8)

The Spook travels continue… and we have arrived in Ireland in the eighth book of the Wardstone Chronicles. As had been previously hinted at in the seventh book, apprentice Thomas … Continue reading

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Review: The Spook’s Nightmare (Wardstone Chronicles Book 7)

  Joseph Delaney is giving me grey hairs. No matter how many times I tell myself, “It’ll be better for Tom Ward in the next book”, it never comes true. If … Continue reading

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Review: The Spook’s Sacrifice (Wardstone Chronicles Book 6)

Just when I thought I’d read it all… After The Spook’s Battle – fourth in the Wardstone Chronicles – I thought, “Well, there you go. Tom’s life as he knew … Continue reading

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Review: The Spook’s Mistake (Wardstone Chronicles Book 5)

“What a surprise!” was my first thought reading The Spook’s Mistake, the sixth in Joseph Delaney’s horror series Wardstone Chronicles. It gave us – and its hero Thomas Ward – … Continue reading

April 4, 2015 · 1 Comment

Review: The Spook’s Battle (Wardstone Chronicles Book 4)

Four books in the Wardstone Chronicles and Tom Ward has finally met his match. Also, this was the one book that I nearly didn’t finish, mostly because of the gruesome, disgusting … Continue reading

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Review: The Spook’s Secret (Wardstone Chronicles Book 3)

The binge reading of Joseph Delaney’s Wardstone Chronicles continues… I am trying very hard not to finish all of these books in 10 days so I made myself promise to only pick up … Continue reading

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