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Be back soon!


I’m currently hard at work at my day job. That is, writing about and reviewing movies for a living, so I’ve put my book reviews on hold. Rest assured, once I find the time, I will have literally MOUNTAINS of books to ramble on and on about. (I shouldn’t have put too much hope in being able to do much of anything during summer movie season. Once Ant-Man and Fantastic Four are out there, then it’s back to quiet times again.)

On the meantime I have a Seventh Son Blu-ray to review. You have no idea how much I want to complain about book/movie differences. Then again, I’m not a stickler for by the book adaptations so if I complain too much, I’ll be eating my own words.

Meanwhile, if there’s one movie that I wish could exist also in book format, that would be Jupiter Ascending. And if there’s one movie that I wish could be a graphic novel, it’d be Mad Max: Fury Road. And as you can guess, these are all on my review list. Fun times!


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