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Audible’s Classic Love Poems – Narrated by Richard Armitage


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Richard Armitage. Because if there’s one legitimate thing that can make me swoon on Valentine’s Day, it is to listen to this British hunk heartthrob sexiest man alive ever actor read love poems in that sultry voice of his. Yes, let’s face it, friends, he is pretty much everything anyone needs on V-day. offers those Classic Love Poems for FREE at this time (until March, if I’m not mistaken) so go ahead and download it. I installed Audible on my Android phone and within minutes I had Richard’s voice seduce me through my Beats speaker. It was EPIC.

(Trust me, it’s easy. Don’t be daunted by the whole installing Audible app thing. If even a technophobe like me can get it working in under 10 minutes, then you can do it too.)

Prepare to swoon.

And Happy Valentine’s Day. (Or, rather, Happy Swooning Over Richard Armitage with Hearts & Stars in Your Eyes Day!)

Soundcloud Samples

Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare

Bright Star by John Keats

I Carry Your Heart by e.e. cummings

Richard Armitage’s Audible Interviews

+ More: Here, here and here.


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