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Should I return to Goodreads after 3 years?


For the first time in 3 years, I returned to Goodreads and used the website. I logged in and even rated three books, as well as joining the yearly reading challenge (I set up 50 books in my challenge). When I rated those books, I was tempted to write reviews for it even but I hesitated to do so.

My problem with Goodreads in the past – and there was one particular incident that made me lose complete interest in it entirely, drove me to create this blog to put all of my reviews – is that I don’t like many of the users writing reviews there. I found most GR users infantile, incapable of having a healthy discussion over any topic and existing only to antagonize authors or each other. One such user attacked me for writing a negative review of a book that I read and despite her apology for her action (her excuse was, she wasn’t used to of interacting with people in the internet, which was a load of crap) I find myself unable to mean the forgiveness I’d given her. Back then, my justification was that this user wasn’t the only one. I’d seen evidence of other imbecilic behavior of GR users that just thoroughly disgusted me.

But the site did remain useful for following news about books and I still like the concept of being able to write reviews there and keep track of my reading. Being able to blog without fear of saying the wrong thing for an author and other people, and the freedom of censoring comments (yes, I do that, because no, my blog is not for your freedom of  speech; it’s for mine), makes WordPress the ideal place for me to place my thoughts on books. However, unlike Goodreads, WordPress doesn’t have a system for tracking my reading.

I want to go back to GR and take advantage of their amazing system but… is it worth the headache of having to interact with people? I haven’t found the option to deny people from commenting on my reviews there. Trust me, if I could find that button that allows me to review books in seclusion in GR, I would go back there in a heartbeat. Until then, I may just stick around here and review my books in WordPress. Maybe I’ll log in once every month to update my reading challenge in GR… a few quick clicking of the star rating system should be safe enough.


3 comments on “Should I return to Goodreads after 3 years?

  1. silentcypha
    February 8, 2015

    WordPress is so much calmer compared to Goodreads. I was actually thinking about creating an account, but then I read this, visited the site and saw some of what you were talking about… Grrr

    • mavieenlair18
      February 8, 2015

      Oops! I didn’t mean to put anyone off Goodreads. But well, if you’ve checked out the website and found the stuff that annoyed me was annoying for you as well… I think you’re better off just staying put at WordPress. I’m having a peaceful existence here in WP so far. Wouldn’t change it for anything.

      • silentcypha
        February 8, 2015

        Yeah, it’s great! Haha, don’t worry – I probably would have created an account and then come straight off it anyway. Got no time for people like that

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