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Jordi Labanda & Miquelrius products in Kinokuniya Jakarta Store

I just wanted to let everyone who lives in Jakarta know that Kinokuniya Jakarta Store (Plaza Senayan) has finally started selling Jordi Labanda stationery and accessories again, along with several other products from Miquelrius brands.

Kinokuniya Indonesia brought these products for the first time in 2004 when they opened their flagship store in Plaza Senayan. Previously, any Indonesian wanting to buy these products usually had had to go to Singapore and buy them there. Kinokuniya in Jakarta continued to carry these products (mostly the notebooks, but not the bags and accessories) until they stopped importing them 2-3 years ago (I can’t remember the exact year). There was actually no problem with the distributor – the bureaucracy involved with customs in terms of importing these goods was the reason why the supply of Miquelrius product was cut off for a time. But in 2012, shortly before I left the company, the company started the process of restocking them.

Here are some the products currently available in Kinokuniya Jakarta Store as of Wednesday, 5 September 2012.


(L-R) Miquelrius The Beatles laptop case; all laptop cases; more laptop cases


(L-R) All Miquelrius bags; Jordi Labanda bags

My favorite is the bag with the It’s Blogging Time illustration in the last picture. I feel like the bag has been designed for me, seeing as I absolutely love blogging. However, I couldn’t find a sling type of the bag, just the backpack. Since I don’t wear backpacks because they hurt my bag, I decided to buy another thing.


The “It’s Blogging Time” illustration up close (left); my purchases of a laptop bag and large & medium notebooks (right).

Jordi Labanda is one of my favorite illustrators, along with tokidoki‘s Simone Legno and Takashi Murakami (who has collaborated with Louis Vuitton). Labanda’s works are classy yet also so much fun. Collecting stationeries bearing his illustrations have been a hobby of mine for the past 10 years.

Jordi Labanda, fashion and advertising illustrator, was born in Mercedes (Uruguay). From the age of three he has lived in Barcelona, although nowadays he lives and works in New York. He is an internationally recognized artist due to his exclusive style and his numerous collaborations with publications such as Wallpaper, Vogue USA, Vogue Nippon, Visionaire, The NY Tames Sunday Magazine, Fanzine 137, Apartamento and El Magazine de La Vanguardia.

Read the rest and find out more in Jordi Labanda’s official website.

If you’re in need of cool stationery that is not annoyingly hipster, you know where to go and what to buy.


2 comments on “Jordi Labanda & Miquelrius products in Kinokuniya Jakarta Store

  1. Vina
    November 19, 2015

    Kak boleh tau ga kalo sekarang beli dimana ya? Aku cr susah bgt huhu

    • mavieenlair18
      November 20, 2015

      Selain di Kinokuniya, aku nggak tahu ada di mana lagi. Sebenarnya di Kinokuniya (Plaza Senayan, Grand Indonesia) mungkin masih ada. Terakhir lihat, merchandise Jordi Labanda di Kino PS malah sedang didiskon.

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