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The Hunger Games Trilogy: Not A Review

I’ve been sitting in this computer for the past several hours, thinking of a way to review Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy. Obviously I’m very interested in the books, having practically devoured all three of them in just two days and a half (since Sunday), but I can’t seem to form a coherent opinion about them. At least not one that doesn’t say “holy roses, why is Peeta Mellark so amazingly awesome?”

Everything that I can think about right now is: Peeta, Peeta, Peeta, Peeta, Peeta.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Katniss, too, but she’s quite unstable and my feelings for her waver a lot. Sometimes I adore her, sometimes I want to throttle her. I sympathize with her struggles even though I can’t connect with her all the time (because unfortunately I don’t live her life and it would be very hypocritical of me to say, “I understand with what you’re going through”)  and I think she’s by far the most interesting heroine in Young Adult books published today. But somehow, even Katniss comes second to Peeta in my affections.

I really don’t want to sound like an awestruck teenager, worshiping and mooning over some fictional character who doesn’t exist in my real life just because he’s being played by a very good-looking actor in the movie version. But I’m afraid that’s how I’m going to sound like right now if I write the review for these books. It’ll just be Peeta, Peeta, Peeta in the way that the Twihards were all Edward, Edward, Edward and I. Do. Not. Want. That.

To be honest, I have a few criticism for Collins’ books. Nothing bad, but I guess it’s just a matter of style. I could say a few some things about her writing, her tendency to move forward very quickly on the important scenes and go into too much detail on something while not making enough sense. But I can’t string the words together to not sound rude about it at the moment.

I guess this is just a really bad time to write the review. Once I can get past the Peeta, Peeta, Peeta mentality, I’m sure I can write better. I hope.


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